Medium: oil on black plexiglass 


Using plexiglass, which has a glossy finish and it reflects like a mirror the environment, I was able to create a tree dimensional reality that is manifesting in real time in which the viewer enters when it stands up in front of the painting. The dimension of the painting is large so it can capture the entire reflection of the onlooker. The small sphere in the back which creates depth to the image is the planet earth in which we are conscious of living right now. I’ve symbolically associated this element with society and day to day routine. The second element which is situated in foreground is Bernini’s sculpture, Theresa, which symbolizes and represents the state of ecstasy. The statue is pointing subtly at the planet like she wanted you, the viewer, to look closer and examine what is happening in the scene. On a personal level, I associate the state of ecstasy with something which is far away from ordinary, or the planet, and also hard to reach in our society. The third element is the viewer’s reflection in the painting in real time. The fact that his reflection is now part of the painting makes him an ephemeral part of the painting. He is standing in the front of the painting in which he is now a part of.


Dimensions ( cm ): W 142.5 x H 205.5



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