On a personal level I see art and design as two disciplines through which I can trace the history of the whole humanity. Even if there is a theoretical difference between the two regarding the way they relate to human material activity and transcendental preoccupations. I noticed that the line between them had become slighter and slighter in our times, due to multidisciplinary practices. 
Born in 1988, my first aware contact was with art, when I was ten years old. I started to learn and to be interested in art of all times, starting from the cave art from Upper Palaeolithic art to the contemporary art. During my incursion in art domain I got inspired by the works of some of the greatest artists of all time. My approach to their work was always one of total respect and admiration. In what concerns contemporary art practices, I tended to be more analytic and critical and to focus only on what really have a direct impact on my perception. 
Studying and practicing art I come across with design, to which I was familiar before, but not in the same way as with art. I tended to look and explore only those areas with whom I visually engaged straightforwardly. After that I realize how close I was to design during my whole artistic process. Since then I wanted to try to blur the line between art and design in order to help other people see how subtly, but profoundly they connect to each other. I embedded this concept in my project because I wanted to let people understand the close relation between art and design through personally experimentation and engagement. I want them to create their own meanings and that will strongly make them aware of that thing that was right under their own eyes, but they could not see it at the time. I want to offer people the possibility to see how transcendence can be reached through their direct interaction with materiality.
I am interested in studying natural and ready-made materials with the purpose of bringing them together in different aesthetically forms. I am not very keen on creating new shapes and forms.  
As design orbits around four main key features like: function, innovation, aesthetics and the user’s experience, I am interested in studying natural and ready-made materials with the purpose of bringing them together in different design projects.



I am an artist and designer who wants to blur the line between art and design by challenging our perception of how we understand a particular object.

I find inspiration in everything that surrounds me and translate that into my artworks. My ultimate goal is to create a certain kind of objects that are out of standard for users who need to use them as a reflection of their personalities.
The key feature of my works lies in the copper wire texture which I create and use as a personal signature.